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from the book: The Substance of Things Hoped For

Sprinkled throughout the book are a number of urls—linked mostly to news articles. For the reader who would like to see the background stories, these would be very tedious to type in and are here shown as live links. The page numbers refer to the location of the urls in the book, not to the page number of the chapter title. I hope this will be of some use and save you some time. –RT

Of course, it is possible that some of these links may disappear over time. They were all working at the time of this posting.


Aborting Canada’s Health Initiatives  p. 42


Hard Hearts and Soft Heads  p.63


Bullying? Sexual Harassment? Call it Out but Call it Sin  p. 78


Cross-Dressing “Conservatives” Expose Themselves in the House (Oh My!) p. 80


Divorced From Reality p. 83


More of the Same: PM Defends Same-Sex “Marriage” p. 86


Some are More Equal Than Others  p. 93


Throwing Marriage Away: Why Conservative Delegates Chose Divorce  p. 98


Uniform Diversity  p. 102


The ‘Bawdy Politic’: Who’s Buying the Lie?  p. 108 (PDF)


Fraudulent Reporting of Canadian Crime Stats: The Emperor’s Clothes Have Not Been Reported Stolen   p. 112


Longer Sentences for Some Offenders, a Pass for Others  p. 118


Pimping From the Bench  p. 120


Maximum Punishment, Minimum Security  p. 122


Motives, Intents and Situational Ethics in the Wilderness  p. 125


Punishing the Victim  p. 134


Truthophobia: The Fear and Hatred of Facts  p. 151


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right  p. 155


The Arrogance of Entrenched Power  p. 162


“Just the Facts, Ma’am; Just the Facts”  p. 180


Much Ado About Duffy  p. 188


PMO Tells Cabinet How to Vote—(Again!)  p. 209


The PM’s Undoing  p. 238, 240


A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian . . . Really?  P. 269


Does God Have Rights?  P. 280


Separation of Mosque and State  p. 290


Political Climate Change  p.302



Changing the Climate: Who Sets the Dial?  P. 309



Inviting Judgment  p. 315